Shock, Trauma & Ballistic Injury


Our Shock, Trauma and Ballistic Injury is a class designed to provide a person who has no formal medical training or experience, the knowledge and tools needed to render life-saving medical treatment in the first few minutes of an emergency before a formal response has been activated, or arrives. The class will give a basic to intermediate level of knowledge and understanding of shock, how to recognize the signs of shock, the different stages of shock and how to treat for shock. 

The class will also provide training on sequence of managing the airway, breathing and circulation and how to stop the bleed. This class will provide examples of types of trauma sustained and how to treat for them as well as cover unique injuries associated with ballistic and gunshot wounds, explosive and over pressure injuries, as well as a variety of burns and crush injuries. The class consists of both class/lecture on the physiological and knowledge-based aspects of emergency medical care as well as hands on application to drive muscle memory and motor skill during times of stress. 

This course is applicable for those who’s line of work exposes them to a higher level of danger than the typical citizen, such as Law Enforcement Officers, construction workers, who are exposed to dangerous activities on a regular basis. However, it is training that every prepared citizen should receive in order to provide assistance in everything from natural disasters to vehicle accidents.


Private Classes: MODTAC Training Group is happy to offer private classes for companies or groups of individuals. Please inquire for details.


Identification of types of SHOCK

Treatment of SHOCK

Stop the Bleed

Tourniquet Application

Wound Packing

Splinting and Stabilizing the patient

Hands-On Practical Application

Scenario Training