5-Day Long Range Shooting and Observation Course (LE only)

Course Outline:

The MODTAC Training Group 5-Day Police Sniper and Observation Course has been designed to get snipers qualified to engage threats out to 400 yards, and within 1 yard of nonthreats. Snipers will be able to build urban hide sites and conduct special reconnaissance and target surveillance for high-risk warrants.

This course will cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to, rifle and scope set up, introduction to multiple shooting platforms and associated equipment, MIL vs MOA explanation, muzzle velocity, external ballistics/flight path, wind calls, shooting fundamentals, positional shooting, shooter/spotter conversation, target Identification, and non-threats, observation techniques, photography, situational awareness, and hide-site construction. Training each day is built upon the fundamentals learned previously in the course.

This course is a practical shooting course for active LE personal. Consequently, two thirds of the class is hands on practical application, and finished with a written and shooting test.

Dave, the primary instructor, is a former Sniper Qualified Green Beret, and continues to shoot nearly every day, as well is a continuing student of other snipers and shooters, and developer of new products in the LR community.

This course offers certificate of completion, and our POI is available to agencies looking for more detailed information of what is taught in the course. Our Goal is to make each student better at understanding the knowledge and science behind the weapon platform, and be able to accurately employ it as necessary, while protecting other officers and report back usable information to command, or other elements.

Detailed information will be sent out regarding required and recommended equipment upon request, or upon signing up for the course.


Cost: $1000 per person

Location: MODTAC Training Facility, Elizabeth, CO.

Private Classes: MODTAC Training Group is happy to offer private classes for companies or groups of individuals. Please inquire for details.