The MODTAC Advanced Carbine course is a great course designed to get AR-style Gas guns out to distance much further than what is taught in most carbine courses (500 yards).

This course covers all the major topics taught in the 2-day long-range course, but is packed into a single day. The break down of the course is approximately 2 hours in the classroom, followed by position work, dry-fire, and collecting data on your carbine, and then lots of time behind the gun.

Dave, the primary instructor, is a former Sniper Qualified Green Beret, who has spend the last 8 years building guns, designing gun parts, and teaching courses. He has lived and breathed firearms since his army career began in 2006, and continues to shoot nearly every day.

This course does not offer a certificate, beyond one of completion. Our goal is to make each student better at understanding the knowledge and science behind the weapon platform, and be able to accurately employ it as necessary.